Chris Holder

Design + Development

Paypal + Braintree

UI/UX Design, Front-End Development, Backend Development

We were approached by Paypal and asked to help create a unique, interactive annual report for their corporate stakeholders and international business partners. The goal was to highlight the countries that were best utilizing mobile payments and provide some contextual data regarding each country’s economy.

Users were welcomed to the site with a full page overlay that provided some context and shortcuts into the interactive elements of the site. The overall goal of the site was to direct users to compare the economic opportunities across multiple countries before downloading the full report and ultimately signing up for a special program offered through Paypal.

The main focus of the site was an interactive world map that allowed a user to easily explore the opportunities in multiple countries and see that country’s global ranking. These data snippets then encouraged the user to compare that country’s data against any country in a full page overlay.


The Paypal report was a variation of a previous project that we completed with Braintree (a PayPal company). I worked closely with the design and development teams at Braintree to adapt their brand requirements into an interactive, map based data comparison tool that functioned the same as the PayPal report and was compatible with the Braintree server environment.